Signs That It's Time to Change From a Pickup Truck to a Car

There are a number of advantages to driving a pickup truck, and you may find that each time you need to purchase a vehicle, you naturally gravitate toward a truck. However, there may come a time that you should begin expanding your horizons to include cars. Although it's a big adjustment to move from a pickup truck into a car, you'll likely find that you enjoy this new method of transportation just as much — but perhaps for different reasons. Here are some signs that it's time for you to switch from a pickup truck to a car.

You're Spending Too Much on Gas

In many cases, cars are more fuel efficient than pickup trucks. Although many small pickup trucks can give you decent fuel mileage, you'll often experience better fuel mileage in a car. Whether your finances are a little tight or you're just looking to be able to save more money at the end of each month, the money that you spend operating your vehicle can make a difference. Do a little online comparison between your truck and some cars in which you're interested, and you'll likely find that you'll save money by switching to a car.

You Need Better Storage Space

While it's true that pickup trucks provide you with a lot of storage space, it might not always be the exact type of storage space that you need. For example, you can carry large objects in the bed of your truck, but they won't be secure when your vehicle is parked and you're not near it. And, when you add a tonneau cover to provide a layer of security, your available storage space decreases. In some cases, a hatchback car can give you not necessarily more cubic feet of storage space, but better storage space, given that larger objects can often be slid into a hatchback and locked away.

Your Family Is Growing

If you're thinking about having children in the near future, a pickup truck may eventually no longer suit the needs of your growing family. Many pickup trucks only seat two people comfortably. Even if your pickup truck has a second row of seating, there might not be as much leg room as in a standard-sized car. It can be difficult to wrestle with car seats in the back of a pickup truck, for example, and you may find that it's easier to hook up these seats in a car.

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