Tips For Using A Snowmobile Trailer For The First Time

If you just bought a new snowmobile trailer and are feeling apprehensive about towing it in the snow for the first time, then you can reduce your stress by following each of these time-tested tips:

Tip: Take a Dry Run Before You Pull Your Trailer in Snow for the First Time

You must hook up your new snowmobile trailer before you head out on vacation in order to get a feel for how your rig drives. The last thing you want to do is pull your new trailer for the first time on ice and snow. When you take your test drive, make sure you practice downshifting without making your trailer sway, safely changing lanes, and also test the brakes plenty of times so you know how they respond. The test drive will make you feel a lot better about driving in the snow with your trailer for the first time and will help you feel more confident while doing so. 

Tip: Slow Down Your Rig and Then Slow Down Even More

When you are pulling your snowmobile trailer, you need to slow way down and leave a lot of room between you and the other vehicles on the road. The best way to get the right speed is by slowing down until you feel comfortable and then slow down another few miles per hour for added safety. If you pull your trailer while driving too fast, then the trailer will sway. And, since your stopping distance is a lot longer since the trailer adds weight to your rig, you need a lot more room to stop.

Tip: Carefully Adjust the Brake Controller for Snowy Roads

When you take your test drive, make sure that you take the additional step of adjusting the brake controller on your new trailer. As a general rule, you want the brake controller pressure to be low when driving on snow and ice. This will keep your brakes from locking up and the trailer from flipping over. 

Tip: Park Where You Can Get Out if It Snows All Day

Finally, when you take your new snowmobile trailer out for a day of fun in the snow, make sure that you park somewhere you will be able to get out even if it snows while you are away. For example, if you are going to a snowmobile park, then park in an area where there will be other traffic so you won't have to drive through a long stretch of unplowed snow.

Contact local suppliers of snowmobile trailers for more information.

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