Tips For Buying A Used Motorcycle

Anyone who has had the opportunity to ride a motorcycle can tell you that it can be quite thrilling. If you have always dreamed of owning your own motorcycle but you're on a tight budget, purchasing a used motorcycle is probably your best option. But it is important to be a very informed consumer before handing over your money for a used bike. Use the following tips to help you purchase the perfect used motorcycle:

Do Your Research

Before you visit a used motorcycle dealership, it is in your best interest to do in-depth research on different brands of motorcycles, as well as specific models from different years. The more you know about the type of bike you are interested in, the more likely you are to find a used motorcycle that is a good value. The last thing you want to do is end up buying a used motorcycle that you know absolutely nothing about.

Look Into Parts

After you have found a few different makes and models that you're very interested in, take the time to learn about the different parts for those bikes. Ideally, you should buy a used motorcycle that has replacement parts that are affordable and easy to purchase. If you buy an older used bike that is not very popular, you may become frustrated when you need to replace parts only to find the new parts are very expensive or incredibly hard to find.

Inspect a Used Motorcycle Cold

One of the biggest keys to finding the perfect used motorcycle is to examine the bike when it is cold. Before going to a dealership, don't be afraid to call and ask them not to crank the motor before you arrive. When a motorcycle is hot, starting and running problems can be hidden. But inspecting a cold bike will allow you to see if it starts up smoothly and runs without any major problems. 

Check the Title

When purchasing a used motorcycle, you want one with a clean title. A used bike with a salvaged title may be a lot less expensive, but most used motorcycles with a salvaged title were either recovered after being stolen or have been in a serious accident. A salvaged title does not necessarily mean that a bike is junk, but its resale value will be lower, and it is possible that it may have a lot more problems than a used motorcycle with a clean title. 

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