4 Reasons To Go With A Subaru For Your Next Vehicle

If you are not sure what manufacture you want to go with when you choose your next vehicle, you may want to consider going with a Subaru. Subaru's have full-time all-wheel drive, great fuel economy, manual transmission, great driving options.

Full-time All-Wheel Drive

Some newer vehicles from different manufactures have all-wheel drive that can be turned on or off. With a Subaru, you have an all-wheel drive system that is always active. With a Subaru, the all-wheel drive system is set up so that the weight on your vehicle is balanced evenly from the left side to the right side, using two different sized engines to make sure that your all-wheel drive system is running at all times.

With the all-wheel drive system on a Subaru, you can rest assured that both axles on your vehicle are getting power at all times. If you live somewhere that gets snowy and icy weather, or you just like to go off-roading from time to time, you want to have a vehicle that will provide you with the off-road support that you need.

#2 Great Fuel Economy

One of the benefits of driving an all-wheel drive Subaru is that, for an all-wheel drive vehicle, it has really great fuel economy. When you compare similar all-wheel drive vehicles side-by=side, you will often see that the Subaru has better fuel economy. It also has comparable fuel economy, though a tad bit lower, than non-all-wheel drive vehicles. If you want an all-wheel drive vehicle that will also help you reduce the amount of gas that you use, a Subaru is a great choice.

#3 Manual Transmission

These days, it can be difficult to find a vehicle that is not an automatic or a semi-automatic. If you crave the days when driving a manual was all the rage, and you like the control that a manual vehicle provides you with, you'll enjoy driving a Subaru. No matter what type of Subaru you want, you can order one that has manual transmission.

#4 Lots of Drive Options

Finally, the Subaru provides you with lots of options that allow you control over how you drive when you are on the road. You can turn the traction control on the vehicle on or off, giving you more or less grip on the road. You can turn the stability control on or off as well, putting you more in charge of the course that your vehicle takes. You can change the throttle mapping on the car so that its provides you with a more aggressive driving option or a more linear set-up.

If you are looking for an all-wheel drive, manual vehicle that gets great gas mileage and gives you lots of options to control the driving set-up, visit a Suburu dealership.

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