6 Car Features To Look For If You Experience Vision Issues

Many people develop vision issues as they age. Vision issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, and depth perception problems can make driving more difficult, especially at night. Luckily, there are car features that can make driving easier.

#1: Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror

First, you are going to want to look for an auto-dimming rearview mirror. This mirror will reduce the glare you experience from other driver's lights when they are behind you and hit your mirror. You don't have to do anything; the mirror will dim and will reduce the light you see that can impede your ability to see.

#2: Glare-Reducing Side Mirrors

When driving at night, it isn't just your review mirror that can be annoying. Light-reflecting off your side mirror can also be really distracting. A glare-reducing side mirror can help make light from other vehicles when driving at night much more manageable.

#3: High Contrast Instrument Panel

Pay attention to the instrument panel in the car. You are going to want to go for an instrument panel that has high contrast colors, along with big numbers and letters. This will allow you to more easily see and pick-up information when driving with a quick glance.

#4: Oversize Climate & Audio Controls

Next, look for a vehicle with oversized climate and audio controls that have contrasting text. This will make it easier to glance at the climate and audio controls and know how to manipulate and move them to fit your needs.

#5: Extendable Visors

The light during the day can be distracting as well. Extendable visors that you can pull out and extend past the normal range can be nice. They can help protect you from the glare of the sun when driving during the day. Some vehicles even come with double visors, so you can protect yourself from the sun that is hitting both the front of your vehicle as well as the side of your vehicle.

#6: Backup Camera

When you have issues with your eyesight, having a backup camera is essential. Look for a car that has a backup camera that is equipped with a large screen, so you can easily see the information on the screen. A backup camera will allow you to more safely backup, both during the day and at night as well.

If you have issues that impact your vision but don't stop you from driving, you will want to look for car features that cater to your vision issues. You will want to look for features such as an auto-dimming rearview mirror, glare-reducing side mirrors, oversized climate and audio controls, a high-contrast instrument panel, extendable visors, and a backup camera.

Reach out to a local car dealership to learn more about your options.  

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